Carbon Fiber Melt Spinning

A short animation covering the production of continuous carbon fiber precursor material via the melt spinning process. Produced for the Carbon Fiber Technology Facility at Oak Ridge National Laboratory.


 A short animation focusing on the DarkNet initiative, which aims to develop and implement technologies that promote the security of the nation's power grid. Produced for the Electrical and Electronics Systems Research Division at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. 

Diabetes Tipo 2

According to the 2016 data provided in the National Vital Statistics Report, diabetes is ranked the fifth leading cause of death for people of Hispanic origin. This animation provides the opportunity to increase accessibility to the understanding of information relating to Type 2 Diabetes in Spanish-speaking patients. 

  •  Click here to view the animation on the Middlebury Open Door Clinic's YouTube channel.

James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies

 The goal of these ballistic missile exhaust & plume simulations is to educate the general public on how to identify a missile's fuel type based on the visual differences between solid and liquid fuels during launch. These simulations will ultimately be used to enhance missile launch animations created by the center.

Robert Hill Lab at Dartmouth

The Hill Lab at Dartmouth College focuses on identifying the multi-cellular interactions that influence the formation of myelin sheath along the axon of neurons. This animation, which demonstrates the generation of internodes via myelinating oligodendrocytes, will be used as an introduction to Dr. Robert Hill's research.

Streptococcus mutans

 A visualization of the molecular processes underlying the cavity-forming processes of Streptococcus mutans, a bacteria highly involved in tooth decay. This animation was designed specifically for the lab of Dr. Grace Spatafora, recipient of a $2.1 million NIH grant, to display in educational settings and during attendance at national and international conferences.

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Bio-circuitry micro animation

A gif visualizing changes in the lipid-based biomimetic membrane as different voltages are applied. Click here to view.

Collaborative Pieces